What’s next for the Gunners?

On 21st September 2014 by Kieran

After a marvelous display yesterday at Villa Park, faith was restored back in the squad with fans taking to all forms of social media to express their delight. But what’s in store for the Gunners next?

After a marvelous display against Villa, we’re left dreaming of the potential we have this season, hoping we’re able to top last seasons trophy with another. But this will be harder than it sounds…

Arsenal are no strangers to injury troubles. In the last decade players at Arsenal have suffered approximately 750 injuries, with Abou Diaby putting 40 injuries since he joined the club towards the total. With Olivier Giroud out for up to 3 months and Debuchy out for 6 weeks, with Walcott still out Arsenal’s injury woes have already began .

With Welbeck the new addition to the lone striker role at Arsenal he may just be what was needed. His first 2 games in Arsenal colours he had been highly criticised with fans already doubting the £16million price tag. But his goal at Villa park may just give him the confidence boost needed. It always takes a little while for a new player to adapt to the squad especially with a different play style. But Welbeck may just have the pace injection and finishing needed to project Arsenal nearer to the title. He is still a young player and is fans need to be patient, not putting down his performances.

The Arsenal defence however is only another setback away from a catastrophe. With Debuchy out for 6 weeks Arsenal are already Chambers has done well to fill in the position. But Chambers, much like Flamini is rather partial to earning a card or two.  The back four did well against Villa, just about keeping up with the likes of Agbonlahor. Arsenal cannot afford any more suspensions or injuries, with only Hector Bellerin the only back up for the defence. Until then the Arsenal defence is will be at a push to perform to the high expectations of the Arsenal crowd in both league and champions league, without getting injured.  Wenger will have to wait until the January transfer window to grab another addition to the Arsenal defence most likely another centre-back.

There are positives though. Arsenal’s passing has been at the highest level. Arsenal’s ability to wear the opponent out leaving them chasing shadows was shown at the weekend. The ball retention was world-class and lead to the opportunities we managed to convert. Mesut Ozil showed he is a force to be reckoned with when played in a central role, to the delight of Arsenal fans. However with only 3 shots on target 2 of which being goals, Arsenal’s creation of opportunities may be the next focus for the side.

With the attacking characters such as Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and new boy Welbeck, Arsenal should be creating many more chances than those created at Villa Park. It’s evident Arsenal have a class attack, but with defensive struggles the strike force need to be performing to neutralise the problem. Although a home match against rivals Tottenham should see us victory, especially with a performance similar to that of Saturday’s.

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