New Selection Dilemma for Arsenal?

On 4th November 2014 by Kieran

With the much awaited return of Theo Walcott finally over, will Arsenal face a new dilemma regarding the teams first team attackers?

Alexis Sanchez has recently played his heart out since moving to the Emirates and the Chilean would be an obvious starter for Arsenal. Although with the Alexis having predominantly played the right wing for Arsenal, the return of England International Theo Walcott may push him elsewhere amongst the Arsenal attack. He has already displayed his ability across the Arsenal attack with manager Arsene Wenger already expressing that he “likes him to play through the middle as he makes good runs”. This may potentially see him fulfill the role until the return of Mesut Ozil from injury.

But with the return of the German expected shortly after Christmas this may yet again push Alexis elsewhere in the Arsenal attack. An obvious choice would be over to the left wing with him having displayed his ability to cut inside on to his preferred right foot throughout the Burnley match, whilst Walcott plays along the right side with Ozil back into the centre role. This would leave Welbeck as the lone striker option until the return of Olivier Giroud, who may then battle for starting XI status between them.

Having depth in the squad is often a good aspect, but with so many players eager to showcase their talent, being able to fulfill their wishes whilst maintaining a high level of football will be a struggle.

Arsenal currently have Podolski and Cazorla fighting for a place in the squad, alongside Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who has recently stepped up his performances showing why he should be a first choice player. Joel Campell is yet another attacker who looks to have a bright career, although with such experienced players also fighting for the same positions within the team it’ll be difficult for him to gain the match experience to further his career.

The January transfer window may just see one of these go. Whilst Arsenal fans look to Wenger to also sign a defensive midfielder and more defenders. Arsenal have been recently linked with more attacking players, although this may not be the wisest way to spend in January given their current defensive problems.

The addition of a defensive midfielder may push further players out of the squad. With Arteta and Flamini currently filling a central midfield/defensive midfield role as well as Wilshere and Ramsey giving a turn there will be high competition for the two spaces left within the midfield. But with the potential signing of another defensive midfielder, this may just push yet another out of the squad as only one position would be available to the current players.

Wenger will have to make some wise decisions in order to keep the squad satisfied. His formation choice will be key to both the success and morale of the team, being able to squeeze the very best out of every player in order to put the Gunners season back on track.

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