Di Maria Signing for United Won’t Solve Their Difficulties, But Will It Help?

On 26th August 2014 by Kieran

With United looking set to complete the signing of Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria by the end of the week, many United fans feel that this may be the turning point for their struggles over the past season. With a currently winless season, United are still waiting for one player to rise above the rest and lead United back to where they were before the Moyes era.

Di Maria is without a doubt a world-class talent, but is he capable of changing United back into a title contending side? United have been lacking pace over the past seasons. With the likes of Ronaldo long gone and Giggs having slowly lost pace throughout the years until retirement, Di Maria may be able to provide the pace that has been lacking from midfield to attack which they clearly showed in their opening game against Swansea. Angel Di Maria’s ability to exploit opposition defences using his pace is one that may benefit that of others around him.

Juan Mata will most likely play alongside Di Maria, he has the ability to pick out blinding passes and is able to move the ball swiftly. But he is lacking the pace that United need, especially on the counter attack. With Di Maria out on the wing this new found pace should aid the playmakers of United. With the ability to play in the 4-3-3 formation as either a midfielder or on the wing of the attack. His pace will help improve the pressure on the opposition in midfield. Alongside other midfielders such as Mata and Carrick who seem simply too lazy or unfit to be able to apply fast pressure throughout the game, it will give them more relief. Although he also has the ability to support the the strikers providing that extra pace, even having the skill to become the support striker if one of the senior strikers is injured with Van Gaal wanting to play two up front.

Although the signing of Di Maria may be great for the attack, the United defence is still one that needs work. With Luke Shaw injured before the start of the season they have looked weak at the back. With Marcos Rojo a new introduction to the side Van Gaal will be looking for him to try and form a central pairing similar to that of past centre-backs such as Ferdinand/Vidic a few seasons back. But much of the United squad is not suited to Van Gaal’s 5-3-2 formation. Di Maria could potentially play as a wing-back. WIth the neccesary pace to take up the wings and the skill to pick out players, although this could be a waste of talent when he could easily be adding to the attack.

There is no doubt Di Maria is a highly talented player, but coming into a struggling United squad for such a large sum will definitely put a great amount of pressure on him. With his addition to the squad they still only have 3 key central midfielders and with Marcos Rojo still without a work permit for the UK he is currently unable to add some stability to their defence. There is no ruling out United bringing in more players over the transfer window. But to be in contention to come in a champions league qualification spot, they will have to work well in the remaining week of the transfer window to bring in the key players to fill the flaws throughout the team.

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